Our hi-tech facilities enable us to minimize the number of unpleasant examinations and increase significantly the number of painless interventions, quickly accomplish diagnostics and make X-rays kinder to the patient.

RVG (radioviziography)
- computer processed X-ray picture. Its advantage is the absence of wet process (developer, setter) and thus significantly accelerates the assessment of the picture (1 s). Above all, there is up to a 90% reduction of radiation exposure to the patient. Another advantage of thus acquired picture is consequent possibility of processing, saving, measuring…

Digital panoramatic X-ray unit
- Panoramic radiography for general diagnostics of the tooth arch and the jaw. Moreover provides dental tomographic slices for detailed morphologic diagnostics of facial bones.

Intraoral camera
- enables not only to enlarge a certain part, but also serves the purpose of thorough explanation (and evidence) of the problem. Besides, it helps the doctor and patient in the preparation of treatment plan.

- has been developed to overcome the limits of precision and intraoperatory safety existing in traditional bone cutting instruments and allows to obtain high predictability and low morbidity in bone surgery.

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