The most natural treatment of lost teeth is with the replacement by implants. Thus it is possible to replace one tooth, the whole group of teeth or even treat the loss of all teeth.

What is implant?
Most often an implant represents a titan core or screw which is inserted into the place of the missing tooth. According to certain schemes and conditions it is decided on a healing period, during which a bone grows around the implant to form a compact bone-implant coalescence. After certain time an abutment is screwed on the implant and crown or bridge is mounted on the top.

Who is the implant designed for?
Anyone who wants modern, considerate and functional treatment. However, it is not available for patients suffering from either strong form of diabetes or unstable condition of sugar, and strong smokers.

Is This treatment painful?
The whole operative procedure is performed under local anesthetic, with the patient’s full cooperation and it is NOT painful. In case of other procedures or patient’s requirement it is possible to execute it under analgesic sedation or general anesthetic.
We use the top swedish systems Bränemark and Replace, swiss Straumann ITI and american 3i.

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